5 Plant-Based Ice-Creams in Sydney to Kick Off Your 2018

5 Plant-Based Ice-Creams in Sydney to Kick Off Your 2018


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Ice-cream is one of my absolute favourite things! I'm sure there's a separate stomach for it.

When I took on my vegan experiment back in August, finding good plant-based ice-cream was on my radar but not absolutely critical (it was late winter then). Plus, I was also trying to avoid sugar, which obviously made it a double challenge. At one point I took to making my own coconut based tubs using rice malt syrup to sweeten (one taro, one avocado) which had... mixed success.

Anyway, now that I've chosen to keep on going with this whole vegan / plant-based way of living, finding good plant-based ice-cream dotted around Sydney has become pretty important to me. Especially because right now here in Sydney, Australia, it's the middle of summer!



So, here are 5 plant-based ice creams (or ice lollies) which I officially put my stamp of approval on and recommend that you try out AS SOON as possible (especially when the next hot day comes along - which let's face it, in Australia, is probably tomorrow..) - oh, and I'm pretty sure none of them are sugar free.. sorry.. consider them as special treats... 

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5. Black Sesame Ice-Cream

Black Sesame Ice-Cream from Over the Moo - apparently this flavour is currently under reconstruction this summer (who else wants the job of reconstructing/constructing new ice-cream flavours?!!) but somehow I still managed to catch it via their ice cream van at the Sydney Vegan Market in December. It's coconut-based, like all Over the Moo ice-creams, and not oversweet, which is always a plus. It does melt pretty quick (even on a not super hot day), but it, or another Over the Moo flavour, are well worth a taste - #5

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4. Raspberry & Strawberry Sorbet

Raspberry & Strawberry Sorbet from Coogee Pavilion - pink on red - what colour clash. Strawberry was my favourite flavour when I was little and while I don't tend to steer that way much these past years, I decided to head into the 'girly colours' on this recent trip to Coogee Beach. Because what's the beach in the summertime without ice-cream? I wasn't disappointed by either flavour and will happily venture here again - #4

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3. Kiwi & Watermelon Ice Lolly

Kiwi & Watermelon Ice Lolly from Merry Pops available at the markets of Grounds of Alexandria - aside from the colours of this which are an absolute standout - to have real kiwi fruit seeds and that slightly sour tang alongside the unstoppable sweetness of a watermelon - and to have a fruit ice lolly that is actually well made and not made from mysterious chemicals - solid place at #3

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2. Salted Choc and Hazelnut and Chocolate Ice-Creams

Salted Choc and Hazelnut and Chocolate Ice-Creams from Gelato Blue - my chocolatey plant-based ice-cream dreams fulfilled! Gelato Blue is Sydney's first plant-based gelateria and has room to sit in or take away. All flavours are made fresh daily, and they have over 25 traditional and more uncommon flavours - Sydney's go-to vegan / plant-based ice cream happy place - #2


1. Pandan and Coconut Gelato and Lemon Sorbet

Pandan and Coconut Gelato and Lemon Sorbet from Messina Gelato - Messina is my dream place! Messina is always a good idea!! I don't think you can fully comprehend how happy I was to discover that my all-time favourite flavour from Messina for the past 5 years pre-veganism is actually dairy free! PANDAN AND COCONUT GOODNESS. Also pictured here is the lemon sorbet featuring real lemon rind bits, which I was trying for the first time when this photo was taken. They have a handful of sorbet and coconut-based gelatos so visit here asap. Messina = dream situation. #1

Happy ice-creaming!

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