25 Vegan Homemade Snacks for Movie Nights In

25 Vegan Homemade Snacks for Movie Nights In

Happy snacking and snuggling


Snacks are critical to movie watching success.

And it's coming into winter (at least here in Australia) which means nights in (or weekend afternoons) snuggled up at home watching new and favourite flicks..

So in honour of this much loved activity - here are 25 homemade vegan / plant-based movie snacks for your next movie sesh.

No dodgy snack excuses. Take your snackage to the next level.

Savoury Plant-Based / Vegan Snacks

1. Brownble's crispy oven sweet potato fries - served with guac (bring me all the avocado), vegan aioli, a spicy BBQ dipping sauce, tossed with salt and paprika, or just as is tossed with salt

2. Thug Kitchen's roasted garlic pull-apart bread - garlic + bread = movie-night-in-win

3. Thug Kitchen's (again!) baked onion rings - like regular onion rings, only way better, serve with your choice of dip or sauce

4. Thug Kitchen's chex-ish mix - which basically would work for your own mix of cereals and nuts tossed and baked in a savoury seasoning but with way less salt and fat than a store-bought pre-made old-as version

5. Thug Kitchen's (again!) baked onion rings - like regular onion rings only way better, serve with your choice of dip or sauce

6. Thug Kitchen's (can you tell I'm a fan?!) butternut squash queso(ish) dip - chuck on your nachos, eat with your baked onion rings or crispy oven sweet potato fries above or with anything else that takes your fancy - and yes, butternut squash is butternut pumpkin for Aussies ;)

7. Vegan Yumminess's grilled cheese sandwich - not only will it satisfy your inner and intimate cheese cravings - (but without all store bought vegan cheese which I still find can be hit and miss - but please do let me know your vegan cheese recommendations to change my mind on this!) - but it packs a veggie hit with its cheese sauce, perfect for a more nutritious feeding of hungry kids (or hungry adults)!

8. Peaceful Dumpling's summer vegetable rolls with Thai peanut dipping sauce - this is raw, this is fresh, this is perfect for a lighter mood - yes fresh rice paper rolls are ideal for spring and summer days but I wouldn't say no to these midwinter either - especially given all the heavier snacks on this list.. ;)

9. Peaceful Dumpling's pretzel bites with spicy mustard dipping sauce - you could actually make your own soft warm pretzels in the form of these pretzel bites! And this is much simpler than I imagined making pretzels would be! The spicy mustard dipping sauce would be good, but I'm also pretty tempted to smoosh these doughy salty balls into the butternut squash queso(ish) dip above - for ultimate comfort foodiness. Or, just eat as is with a glass of cold german-style beer in hand. Perfect. Good movie arvo sesh right there.

10. Peaceful Dumpling's Korean fried chicken - sweet, spicy, tangy - cauliflower and sweet potato, or use seitan instead if you want a more chicken-like texture - serve in a bowl and dig in!

11. Rinku Bhattacharya's Bengali samosas via One Green Planet - I LOVED samosas as a teenager and I feel like there's been a lack of samosas in my life lately - but these vegan samosas can change all that - filled with potato, cauliflower, peas and peanuts and all good spices - perfect for rainy days, or non-rainy days for that matter. Eugh- I want these so bad right now..

12. Kathleen Henry's BBQ lentil bao via One Green Planet - there's a few ingredients in this list but you can always make a batch and keep some for later (depending on how many hungry mouths are around)

13. Chris from Planticize's jalapeΓ±o poppers with smoked tofu via One Green Planet - these have a few store-bought ingredients in, but they make a special treat snack - especially if you've got a few vego or omni friends over with you - for one night they can forget the dairy as you hand them these vegan creamy hot poppers instead :)

14. Lena's mozzarella stuffed quinoa pizza bites via One Green Planet - another one to shock your vego and omni friends - crunchy on the outside and filled with mozzarella, but dairy-free

15. RG Enriquez' Filipino fried spring rolls via One Green Planet - fried spring rolls - naughty but nice - once in a while it's okay to indulge... right?

16. The Wok's of Life vegetable dumplings - I'm pretty sure this recipe is accidentally vegan, but potsticker vegan dumplings - just imagine a gigantic plate of these with a little pot of soy, vinegar & chilli alongside..

17. Make your own vegan cheese platter or antipasti board! No link needed. Fill with local seasonal products from your neighbourhood or region (if possible), serve with some bread and/or crackers and settle in for the night. Glass of wine in hand, optional.

indecisive (aka sweet & savoury) Plant-based / Vegan snacks

18. Peaceful Dumpling's sweet and savoury trail mix which combines chickpeas, pistachios, raisins and dark choc chips - for those of us that just want it all

19. Anna Broster's peanut butter bao via One Green Planet - yes more bao (because. baozi.)and yes you read that correctly - Chinese steamed bao filled with peanut butter! These could be sweet (jam) or savoury (nut butters), or sweet and savoury (PB&J) filled with whatever your heart can dream up or pantry can provide. Heavenly bao.

SWEET Plant-Based / vegan SNACKS

20. Peaceful Dumpling's spiced apple chips - these look like autumn leaves fallen to the ground, but crisp in your mouth instead of underfoot! Cinnamon and nutmeg and autumn feels.

21. Brownble's homemade vegan nutella for hopeless romantics - what better to snuggle up with your loved one with but some creamy chocolate hazelnut spread served with some strawberries for dipping, or spread in fresh cooked crepes or on a stack of pancakes

22. Laura Friendly's vegan coconut caramel sauce - perfect on ice-cream OR I'm super tempted to use this as a filling for a caramel tart one day..!

23. Minimalist Baker's 7-minute vegan chocolate syrup - again, just imagine this served with some chopped fruit for dipping, or in fresh cooked crepes or a stack of pancakes.. or poured over a bowl of ice-cream..!

24. Oh She Glows vegan chocolate chip cookies - because chocolate chip cookies... :)

25.  Make up an ice cream station - there's so many incredible vegan / plant-based ice-creams, gelatos and sorbets available online, from stores and ice-cream shops now - so get a hold of your favourites and make up a row - add a couple of bowls of crushed nuts, some coconut flakes or almond flakes, some crumbled chocolate chip cookies (#24), a warm chocolate sauce (#23), hot berry sauce, warm vegan nutella (#21), or warm coconut caramel sauce (#22) above...

Happy snacking and snuggling ;) x



Photo by Jens Kreuter on Unsplash

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